Cure with garlic and lemon

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Here is the recipe and how to use it:

– 3-5 unpeeled, untreated organic lemons
– 30 garlic cloves
– 1 Litre of still water.

You can supplement the cure with the following ingredients that stimulate the circulation:
– some ginger with peel (according to taste and preference)
– a finger-sized piece of fresh organic turmeric
– one chilli pepper

First wash the lemons well, quarter them and put them with the zest into a blender. Then peel the garlic and put it in the blender with the other ingredients. Now add a little water and puree everything into a paste. Then heat briefly in a pot with the remaining water. Approx. 70 °C (do not boil).
Then filter the brew through a sieve, pour into a clean bottle or other container and store in the refrigerator. Lasts approx. 6-8 weeks (for the duration of the cure).
Although you may not believe it, it tastes really good and the lemons (neutralise the garlic smell) mean you don’t smell.

Application of the cure:
Drink one shot glass of the brew daily for 6-8 weeks. You will achieve lasting success if you carry out the treatment once or twice a year.

Purifies and detoxifies the body, stimulates the metabolism and helps against cold germs, therefore highly recommended especially in winter and autumn.
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