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The statements expressed in this publications are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

If you have unclear or severe symptoms, you should definitely consult a doctor!

The information presented here is not intended for diagnostic purposes or as a therapy recommendation. Liability on the part of the author for personal injury, property damage and financial loss caused by the health tips and recipes on my website is excluded.

Ointments, creams & salt (additional)

Before I manufacture an individual product, I conduct a detailed consultation with you in advance regarding requirements, allergies, existing diseases, eating habits, etc. in order to rule out any intolerances.
My recommendations are based purely on long-term experience * and should in no way encourage you to self-medicate, to discontinue medical treatment or medication, or even to replace it. I am neither a naturopath, medicine nor beautician. For legal reasons, I would therefore like to point out that the statements made on my pages about the effects of the individual ingredients, herbs and raw materials as well as the recipes and application instructions listed are only intended to pass the time and provide information. * I do not make healing promises to alleviate and / or treat health problems and illnesses in any way and do not promise anything of the kind.

Mushrooms (additional)

The mushrooms presented and their description will NEVER be a food release!!! Please always seek a mushroom expert if you cannot determine 100% of a mushroom!

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