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Field trip to our wild herbs / Jagel

New event at sunday 12.09.2021 from 10 – 13:00 am.
Important: save the date till 8 pm the day bevor.

What is growing there? Get to know the power of our wild herbs.

We take a field trip to the beautiful nature surrounding the Hingsmoor in Jagel. We discover, collect and discuss the herbs growing now at this season. 

Every attendee will get knowledge about the effects, history and much more of the power belong to natural healing.

Finally you’ll get a little folder with characteristics and recip of all the herbs we’ve found. 

Please bring with you:
– something to collect your herbs
– scissor or knife
– something to drink
– something to write (optional)
– handy or camera (optional)
– good mood

Location: Hingsmoor Jagel
Venue: Parkplatz Pizzeria „Sole Mio“
Charge: 25,- € / person (Participation with binding registration only)
Booking by WhatsApp or Telegram (klick buttons left hand) or by Mail

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