Right of withdrawal

Cancellations or missed appointments

Dear participant,

please understand that the dates agreed with you are exclusive dates. I only keep this certain period of time free for your booking and I therefore ask you to strictly adhere to these dates.

If you should not be able to keep an agreed appointment, it is imperative that you inform me of your incapacity at least 48 hours before the agreed appointment. I will then be happy to arrange a new appointment with you.

If I do not receive a timely cancellation from you or if you are prevented from canceling or attending the appointment in due time through no fault of your own, I may draw your attention to the fact that I will invoice you for the amount of the booking. You are free to prove that no damage or less damage than the claimed damage occurred.

Please only book if you agree – thank you for your understanding.

Download the cancellation form. Of course you can also cancel by phone (01573-1470561), by WhatsApp, Telegram or by contact form

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